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Tuesday, 24 March 2015 08:12

What To Ask As a Potential Renter

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moving-couple-with-tabletIt can be really exciting to look for an apartment, but in that excitement, many people forget to ask important questions of their potential landlord or property manager. When you get an apartment, you want it to be perfect for you. But if you forget to ask important questions when looking at a property rental, you could be stuck with a bad match. Renters often forget to ask these three important questions.

1. Renters Insurance

Though most apartment complexes and landlords do not offer renters insurance, there are some that do. Those complexes that offer their own insurance may be cheaper than the brand name companies, which can be a great bonus for any renter. The important thing to catch here is to make sure that the renters insurance covers you just as well as another policy would have. It is really great to get cheaper insurance, but it won’t be much good for you if it doesn’t cover important things. Don’t let this come back to bite you; make sure that whether it is your own insurance or one offered by the complex that it will cover you.

2. Customize

As you are walking through a rental property, you may start to see where pictures could go or furniture would be place. But before you get your heart set on anything, make sure to ask what kind of changes you can make to the apartment. It can be surprising what an apartment will and will not allow. Some may just want you to restore the apartment to the exact conditions it was in before you came, which would be a great thing to know before you paint your walls a color you can’t come back from. Find out if they have any concerns about how many nails you can have in the wall or if there is any type of decorations that are not approved. This could be a deciding factor in whether or not the apartment is for you.

couple-moving-in3. Raising Rent

If everything looks like it is going to check out and you are thinking this is the apartment for you, make sure to ask one last question: if the rent has ever been raised or if there are yearly rent raises. If the rent is going to increase the next time you are thinking about re-signing your lease, you may want to keep looking. There are a few reasons that the rent would increase that you will want to ask for. Check to see if the landlord or owners base rent on the current housing market or if they have a policy that raises the rent from year to year. It is always a good idea to check if the rates increase frequently or you could be in for a rude awakening.

It is important to ask the right questions when looking for a rental property. You want to find the right one for you, and that could take some real digging. Make sure to be open and keep the landlord talking. You want to find out as much about the rental as you can before making a decision. Good luck finding the perfect match for you!

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